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Directions for Fast Track Students: Click on all the different links to study for all 5 of your subject exams and read/study the information. You may wish to take notes since you're allowed to use your notes for each subject exam. For Math, use the AAAMath link to do exercises and practice in whole numbers, decimals, word problems, fractions, percents, measurement, probability, pre-algebra, geometry, and algebra. You will be permitted to use a calculator on the math exam. After this, visit the PowerPoints webpage too.

Directions for High School Students:Click on your assignment, then take notes, using your own words, for everything listed within the assignment on a microsoft word document. Make a discussion in a few paragraphs and give examples. You can also include charts, graphs or pictures to explain your words.  You may be asked to do a YouTube presentation, VoiceThread, or Sound Cloud podcast. You would then state each of the questions, then answer it and copy and paste your link to a microsoft word document. Sometimes you will be asked to do a PowerPoint presentation, in which case you will create a slideshow with bulleted information - not complete sentences, and add pictures and/or sound and simply turn in the powerpoint without being on a word document. Be sure to use the proper homework header on your document.

Language Arts: Reading
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Reading TermsReading Tips

Social Studies:

World History Geography Civics and Government Economics 

National Geographic Online The site from the National Geographic Society has a wealth of intriguing articles, pictures, and maps.
History and Historiography This site contains links to a fascinating assortment of documents and articles on topics ranging across history. 
Intro. World Religion Website This site contains an introduction to the worlds religions as well as a study of their history, customs and practices. Hinduism was the first religion.

English Writing:

Grammar exercises and practice tests
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation This site contains lessons in basic grammar and punctuation, along with printable practice exercises and tests.


Practice in whole numbers, decimals, word problems, fractions, percents, measurement, probability, pre-algebra, geometry, and algebra on the AAAMath link below:


Science Experiments You Can Do
This site contains instructions for several easy science experiments. 
This site supplements the PBS series Evolution. It contains interactive activities related to topics such as Charles Darwin, extinction, and survival.
Physics Experiments You Can Do at Home
This site contains simple physics experiments that can be performed at home. 
U.S. EPA Environmental Education Center
This site contains environmental information for instructors, including curriculum, resources, and activities.

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